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The web development solutions I provide are always client specific. My focus is to design, develop and deploy websites that are professional and effective.

Websites are created for many reasons – to sell products, promote a business, provide information, etc. One thing they all have in common is the need to be clean and easy to navigate. My flexible design and development methods allow me to successfully work with clients who have different needs.


Client Comments

Theresa is an awesome person to work with! I have two websites which I am VERY pleased with! If you are looking for perfect prices, great work, and someone who knows her stuff it’s Theresa. She is professional in her business without charging outrageous prices!
Laying out the hours of work and all the details of what was accomplished impressed me. We have great communication. I give her two big thumbs up!!!
Sharon Rogles
Sharon Rogles
Theresa Kibler built a new website for me and re-designed two older websites of mine. Not only is she incredibly skilled at her craft but also very organized, accurate, punctual, professional and simply a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about having a website that stand out from the rest! Thanks Theresa for being you and the great work that you do!
Terry Hodgkinson
Terry Hodgkinson
I’ve been working with Theresa since 2010 and I cannot imagine running my online business without her expertise. I have eight WordPress sites now – and Theresa has built all of them for me. She has been my angel and saved me from hackers and other crazy website issues more times than I care to recall.

As a business coach, I recommend her to all my clients and they have all loved working with her. And why not? She knows what she’s doing and has excellent follow-through. I sometimes feel like not telling anyone about her so that I can have her all to myself – but I love her too much to do that.

Dr. Sheri Rosenthal
Dr. Sheri Rosenthal
Theresa Kibler has been managing my company website for quite a few years now and I must say that she is really an expert and has made every process of adding to and revising my website completely painless. She just makes it all simple and she gets everything done very fast. She also works great with my SEO Company and there’s just never been a problem.

Plus… she’s always very pleasant – just a nice person. I would recommend her services to any business owner with a website, which is nearly every business owner these days.

Sam Gendusa
Sam Gendusa
When I first contacted Theresa, I didn’t even have a concrete brand established – I had an idea. Theresa’s approach helped me realize that I didn’t need to have it all figured it out. She suggested that we work on developing the basics which would likely allow the unfolding of things to happen organically. Sure enough, as I continued to submit to her the pieces she needed {like the About Me content and Header Images}, the light bulbs went off.

Clarity happens in the doing phases and shereeEclarkCREATIVE was given birth to. She’s been my website developer, but she’s also played a valuable role to me as a special kind of mentor. I highly recommend her.

Sheree E. Clark
Sheree Clark
Theresa is my website angel! Before I found her I was so limited on what I could do with my website, then I saw my friend’s site that Theresa had done, got her details and that was it! She improved things dramatically, helped me turn my creative website dreams into a stunning reality.

Not only do I continue to work with her, but I am sending all my friends to her also. She is patient, efficient, adaptable, kind and a great gal to top it all off! Can’t sing her praises enough! Hire her, you will be SO glad you did!

Lisa Tully
Lisa Tully
Theresa is easy to work with, fast, and thorough. She took care of all my issues and helped me make changes that dramatically improved my site! She is a total pro!
Ana Dziengel
Ana Dziengel
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